Sending Encrypted Email

Content Scanning:                                   

When using content scanning, the encryption process happens transparently without requiring any initiation from you when you send an email from your standard email program.  The content of all email messages sent, including subject line, message body and attachments is scanned and compared against the policies we have implemented.

Keyword Triggered:                                  

With keyword triggered encryption, you are responsible for identifying sensitive information within the body and attachments of your email, and typing that keyword within the subject line or body of the email. To send an encrypted email, enter the specific keyword in the subject or body of your message and the content is encrypted before it leaves our corporate network.

Microsoft Outlook Confidential Flag

To easily encrypt an email you are sending from Microsoft Outlook, you set the sensitivity of an email to Confidential before selecting Send.  You can set the sensitivity level of an email through the email Options feature in Microsoft Outlook.

ZixSelect for Outlook Plug-In:       

ZixSelect for Outlook is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook® that provides a simple, easy to use method for you to decide whether or not the email message is encrypted. With this plug-in, located within your Microsoft Outlook toolbar, you can decide whether or not the email message is encrypted by selecting Encrypt & Send to send your message.